Bristol Baughan - Inner Astronauts

Bristol Studied at American University in Washington DC. She ran a film company called Good for several years in Los Angeles where she produced 4 films in 4 years. That’s a fast pace! Her shift to consciousness expansion has led her, like many people, to take the Journey, often called the Hero’s Journey in reference to Joseph Campbell’s human Journey map. 

She traveled around the world, exploring humans, societies, teachings, and ultimately found a path back to Los Angeles via some fellow travelers in Bali. She got her Masters in Spiritual Psychology from Santa Monica University.

Having ‘gone thru it’ as an Executive and heavy hitter in the Business world, she’s now leading Execs back to health and wellness by coaching a select few into a value-based actions. Her website is

She’s teamed up with IONS, the Institute Of Noetic Sciences,  to build a Virtual Reality experience of Edgar’s ‘Noetic’ Moment when he was returning from being on the Moon. 

What the Apollo Project was for outer space Noetic is for Inner-space. 

Immersive VR, David and Sandra Whelan, created the Apollo VR experience with an overflow of Kickstarter Funds.

I learned about the concept of the ‘Overview Effect.’ According to Bristol it’s a way for Humans to get a sense of responsibility to protect our Earth by seeing it from outer space. She likened it to Samadhi and called it a “Visceral Embodied experience of Truth. A deep knowing that there’s a complex interconnectedness beyond our processor’s capacity to comprehend.”

I like how in VR Artists, Technologists, Healers, and Seekers come together to create VR experiences which can really be transformative. Many people I’ve spoken with have had moments of Awe in VR. Truly transformative moments. Also, in my personal experience an experience and sense of Wonderment can really help re-frame a person’s world-view away from the problem-orientation that we often live in and into a framework of Humanity and connectedness which can have tremendously beneficial impacts on us. 

One interesting project she mentioned in our talk was the Virtual World Society, a grassroots movement bringing together creators and organizations committed to leveraging the power of virtual worlds for social and environmental good. They have brought VR into schools to give students a power of creating their own desired world, really exploring the stories one could create, and how those naratives impact our lives. 

I’m eager to follow Bristol's development as an artist, coach, and integrator of technology with story-telling. She has a Science Fiction book on the horizon, and will be releasing the VR project with IONS (Noetic) in the coming years. 

Keep an eye out for her upcoming project Campaign Science, which offers training programs that teach Cognitive, Social and Lingusitic sciences to Candidates, Campaigns, and Causes. Empowering these people who are trying to change the world by helping them embody their causes. 

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