Lisa Padilla - CEO @ NewPath VR

Lisa is the CEO of New Path, an immersive VR meditation platform. She is an entrepreneur with a varied background, and interest in online marketplaces. She's been crafting online content for over a decade, and has her own cultivated blog Lisa is passionate about identifying tools that help people thru emotional challenges. She sees VR as a powerful platform to enable this. 

NewPath VR is, to my knowledge, the only VR marketplace for Health/Wellness Related applications. The San Francisco based startup has over 300 applications in its marketplace. Their company has built a library of VR assets, in a ‘Best-Practices’ sort of way. She is helping developers make applications that work within the framework of a healthy VR therapeutic environment. 

In our conversation we covered all the bases of VR in wellness, how an Ad Exec found her way into VR Healing, then on into what the future of VR looks like when we can upload directly from the matrix. 

NewPath regularly hosts meet ups about the implications of VR in healthcare and wellness. 

You can check them out at