Nichol Bradford - Co-Founder - TransTech Conference

Nichol is the co-founder of Trans Tech Conference (, Transformational Technology Labs, Willow Group, and Finder’s Course. 

She’s batting 1000 in the Transformational Technology world. First off, I’d like to get pedantic for a moment: There are many words for Mind (Brain, Consciousness, Intelligence, etc… ). Similarly, there are many evolving words to represent what’s happening with the emergent field of mind-altering technologies. Transformational Tech is an expanding field bridging psychology, healthcare, sensing and computing technology, and wellness. 

Nichol sits right at the pinnacle of this mountain. She has such a unique perch, interfaces with so many incredible Entrepreneurs, Creators, Business People, and Thought Leaders. Her Market landscape graphs, research on Trans-Tech financing, and her ability to peer into the future of wearable computing, distributed knowledge, and healthcare’s rapid transformation is so welcomed and needed. 

Hope you enjoy the conversation. Nichol is a prolific publisher, and impeccable researcher, and a very sharp thinker. I am honored to have hosted her for the show. 

Definitely check out the videos on the TT-Conf website, they’re free!

Some great links to her content:

Trans-Tech Market Landscape Map
Discourse on Future of Human Wellbeing
Wiring Humanity for the Future
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