Sourabh Jain - Relax VR

RelaxVR,, has the largest user-base of all the Virtual Reality Meditation Applications. They have almost half-a-million downloads and quite an active user-base. 

Sourabh started his company while an MBA student, and quickly decided to dedicate full-time to his application. 

RelaxVR application enables users to enter a virtual environment of their choosing. Mostly beautiful landscapes with guided audio meditations. 

Our conversation ranged from what it means to run a scrappy startup company, an early-stage app in this emerging ecosystem of Virtual Reality to what the user-interface design challenges might be, and what the opportunities are in VR for this kind of application. I also really like that he uses his product almost every day. I like when entrepreneurs stay close to their products. 

Getting some quiet time in the workplace can be challenging. Even on a bus, or on a plane, Interruptions from others can be reduced by wearing a head-set.  In addition, the visual and auditory environment is totally closed and controlled, which can help reduce other environmental distractions. 

RelaxVR’s application is dominant on the Phone-Based VR setup, where one snaps a phone into a headset compared to the higher-tech HTC Vive or Oculus Rift. To me it seems there are two business models for VR software. There’s the ‘google model’ where one sees the max they can do  in limited processing power system with larger adoption, largely due to price-barrier, and then there’s the higher-end lower install-base systems where one can get super rich environments, but maybe loose out on scale. 

It will be interesting to watch the whole ecosystem evolve and see how these technologies converge. Similar to what happened as the power of a PC fits in your pocket, or on your wrist, or in your glasses. 

Enjoy the conversation and stay healthy!