Chris Smith - Juno VR

Wow, my meeting with Chris spanned so much. From Spirituality, to the path of a millennial finding his way in the current American cultural dogma, programming and on into integration of spiritual purpose with business.

Chris's software has been successfully launched at Stanford Children's hospital. The program has had tremendous results reducing pain and anxiety in children. For more information, check out his website

Chris is a super clear-eyed thinker, with short curly brown hair, a general air of positivity and presence. Definitely someone I plan to hang out with more.  

His unique background in sensors, robotics, and software integration place him in a fantastic position to really make the move into this realm of integrated hardware/software for bio-feedback in the early stages of VR. 

Chris started his company about 2 years ago with the intention of doing good in the world. As he says, "Helping people have more of a direct experience of their body thru their own breath." Thus, causing a shift in society, and the positivity in consciousness. 

Demoing the software, I experienced two modes. One was a 'breath of sparkles' in a super relaxing scene, and another was pushing a ball away and back to me by breathing in and out. Both games made me want to 'play' with my breath. Play, being one of the key cofactors for initiating neural plasticity... this application could really do wonders. 

I really enjoyed learning from Chris. His business is a wonderful example of using the community of value exchange (Business World), for creative expression. Within Chris's passion pursuit, he has manifested amazing user adoption. Having the Children’s Hospital at Stanford using the app and creating use-case data is an exceptional win for this kind of healing technology. It is yet another example of the move towards programs, instead of pills. 


Our conversation spanned a range of topics. Just a few are:

  • What motivates a tech entrepreneur to move from making money, to building a business with a cause? 
  • What was initial path to meditation and conscious experience?
  • Did you build this because you wanted more efficient ways of achieving your own meditative states?
  • How does Breath interface with the Subconscious and Conscious Mind? 
  • What is truly important in the realm of creating a VR relaxation app?
  • How have you marketed your product? 

In summary, Chris has done amazing things in this emerging field, and he's just getting started. He's definitely one of the pioneers in what I anticipate will be a multi-billion, if not multi-hundred billion dollar healthcare industry revolution.