Weekly Review

(A Happiness Programming Tool)

The weekly review helps us:

  • Obtain and sustain more positive emotions

  • Program our character to seek more joy

  • Review what’s working

  • Review what’s needing adjustment

The format is very simple:

Review the positive impacts, negative impacts, and what we’re feeling for:

  • Last week

  • Next week

Many people get caught up in ‘reactive’ activities thru the week. When prolonged this leads to a ‘reactive’ life. Unexamined, less interesting, and less full of joy.

Our whole system achieve better congruence and more joy by taking a few hours in the week to review:

  • where we are

  • where we want to go

Reviewing Weekly Lets us have:

  • Less worry about the future.

  • Less doubt that our actions are correct.

  • More certainty that our actions are correct.

  • More powerful actions.

  • More positive outcomes from our experiences.

  • Clarity of our objectives and why.

  • Minds and character in harmony with our actions.

  • Maintenance of our integrity and congruence of Body/Mind/Spirit.

  • Better rest and enjoyment of ‘down-time.’

Fill out this form to get a quick checkup on your week.

Name *
A simple statement about where you are. Just a quick brain-dump on where you are.
How does this current place make me feel? is this good/bad? Where am I feeling this in my body? What am I feeling good about? What am I not feeling good about?
Is anything this upcoming week making me nervous? Am I concerned about any particular event, or unclear on my activities and anticipated feelings for the week?
What events and feelings are you anticipating with joy this week? Are they on your calendar? How do you feel about them?
What happened last week that really made me feel great? That I was excited to do?
What was good in the last 7 days? What unexpected gifts occurred?
What events and connections am I grateful for this coming week?
What one activity would you like to do more of this coming week? How are you going to do that?