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When we engaged in coaching, what were your primary objectives? Did we clearly outline those?
What specific actions and projects did we do? How did those projects have positive, negative, or neutral impact on getting you closer to your goals?
What are the primary insights, and how have they integrated with your Personality Matrix (Body / Mind / Spirit). For example, 'Business Orientation towards Service.' Business as a tool for Spiritual and/or Personal Growth,' 'Business as a tool for expression of your creative arts.'
How well have you integrated 'Practice' into your actions and thoughts? Have you been able to pretend to be your Character in different situations?
Where are you on the scale of Action vs Theory? Are you making lists and executing regularly? Do you have a system for regularly reviewing theory? Do you have a system for regularly executing actions? Do you feel comfortable and confident in these systems?
Do you recognize that getting client feedback early and often will get you more money, and a better set of services and products? Are there any blocks to your doing this? What are those blocks? Have we addressed any blocks in our coaching? What else would you like to do in this category?
Do you see your Business efforts as a 'Craft'? Something to be practiced and refined, not perfected? Do you recognize that all life is creative in nature, and when we are creating and sharing we end up being happier?
Are you clear on how you are serving your community with your work? Do you understand where you fit into the ecosystem of your industry? Are you clearly identified as serving that community? What steps have you made to improve your sharing of those services?
Are you clear in the steps to personality change in the 3 bodies? 1) Awareness 2) Movement/Cultivation 3) Harmonization 4) Expansion/Cultivation of new Personality If not, what areas would you like more clarity on?
How well do you understand that our original emotional responses and corresponding thought loops originate from our Parent's patterns and early childhood development?
Do you regularly serve instead of prove? Do you understand how this keeps you in your base of power? How it keeps you from trying to please others and therefore keeps you healthier?
Do you regularly review and know what you love about yourself, what you love to do, what you love to share?
Do you understand that holding your AIM and Character and certain goals secret gives them more power?
Are you open to recieving help when it arrives? Have you asked for help with specific areas of your life you're working on? Have you asked 3-6 people?
Have you contacted people doing things that you admire? Have you contacted people doing things you wish to do? If so, how'd it go? If not, why not? Do you want help with this?
Did you list out your support network? Do you regularly review it? Who are the people in your life who are most positive and how do they impact you?
Are you doing things to get in your body regularly? Are you doing these things both alone and in a group? Do you see the value of regular group movement? Do you enjoy it? Are there any areas you'd like to improve in this category? Would you like help with that?
Do you regularly schedule time to spend with friends, new people, and events doing things you love to do and share with others? If so, are they on your calendar? If not, what would it take to get you to do more of these things?
Do you maintain a list of positive client feedback? Do you review it before important calls? Are you also able to feel the joy in your system this brings?
How much have you re-patterned your understanding and emotional responses to money? Do you clearly understand that its a Tool, not Oxygen? Do you recognize its a made-up agreement between humans in a society to facilitate value exchange? Do you see gathering and using money as a creative act? If not, why? If so, how has this shift in perspective served you?
How have you shifted your perpsectives on value exchange? has this impacted your health and joy? Has it changed relationships? Have you 'quit' some relationships? Have you 'quit' some ways of relating to partners, family, friends, clients? If so, how?
Do you regularly collaborate in trusted relationships? Do you gather regularly with people and intentionally build community? Do you seek to join communities that are doing things you like to do and share?
What other tools are you looking to accomplish? Are there specific skills? Are there specific actions? Are there tools you'd like to learn to craft? Would you like help with those? Have you asked anyone for help?
What did you accomplish? What were you hoping to accomplish?
What would you like to do more of? What would you like to do less of?
What are you proud of accomplishing?
What are you afraid of accomplishing? What are you afraid of in general? What were you afraid of when we started, and now not afraid of?
What are you dissatisfied with and frustrated by/with in your life?
What areas were you hoping to get more focus on and why? What benefit do you think these areas will give you? What steps can you take outside of our coaching relationship to achieve more of these benefits? What things/actions/tools inside our coaching relationship can your coach provide to assist you in these areas?
What would you say to others about your work with a coach in general? What would you say to others about working with your specific coach?
What would you say to yourself if you were to observe from the outside where you came from, what you wanted to accomplish, and what you did accomplish in our coaching?
What would you say to yourself about continuing to work with your coach? Why would you want to? Why would you not want to? Where do you feel those things in your body?
What are you most excited about in your life at this moment?