/Money Mastery - 8 Week Accelerator

"Zander has a solid system for understanding the flow of money in the world. The embodied "Money Lies!" technique was particularly potent for rewiring limiting beliefs around money. I also benefited from the 45-Day Challenge and felt that it kept me "on-point" and helped my metabolize the shifts in identity that I was having around money. I also enjoyed getting to know my fellow course participants." - Alex B

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  • First Course: Friday 9/13/19 @ 9:30am PST

  • Investment in your Future: $888 (Normally $3,000)

Do you have any sticking points around money?

  • Want more money?

  • Feel like you don’t have enough?

  • Feel like you have too much?

Believe it or not, money feelings are not about money.

Money is simply the primary tool to facilitate value exchange in our society.

So, why does this tool have so much influence? Why would a hammer, or a screwdriver have so much influence in society? Why would access to hammers make people have heart-attacks, kill, have anxiety, or even elation?

The power money has comes from our Relationship to this tool. Our Relationship to money.

In this course we:

  • Learn practical exercises to deeply understand our subconscious ‘rules’ about money.

  • Examine our beliefs to see if they are true and still helpful.

  • Learn practical processes and systems for tracking income, savings, investments, and expenses.

  • Make new friends and support that help us live with more abundance, confidence, and joy.

  • Learn how to use the ‘tool’ money.

Complete this application to make the life-changing investment in yourself.

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